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Vesicles (inflammation of the seminal vesicles) – unpleasant and deliver a lot of inconvenience to the disease. The illness does not develop normally as an independent disease, but appears as a complication of some other infectious and inflammatory diseases. According to statistics, vesicles often manifests itself actively against the backdrop of prostatitis, urethritis or epidimita. There is evidence that disease more vulnerable to men who have been a chronic form of prostatitis. Mostly the disease is chronic and does not itself issue. (more…)

Pain during urination

Pain during urination: what does this mean?

Pain during urination may indicate that the person is suffering from inflammation of the urethra. This disease is called urethritis common among men and women. It is manifested mainly pain discomfort, which indicates that it is necessary to address to the urologist and determine the cause of infections of the genitourinary system. (more…)

Pain in the perineum

Pain in the perineum can occur for a variety of reasons. Because this area of ​​the human body are located outside the genitals, rectum, and the opening of the urethra (called the urethra), often a pain in the perineum due to their injuries. It can be both domestic trauma and disease.

Pain in the perineum: possible causes (more…)