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Vesicles (inflammation of the seminal vesicles) – unpleasant and deliver a lot of inconvenience to the disease. The illness does not develop normally as an independent disease, but appears as a complication of some other infectious and inflammatory diseases. According to statistics, vesicles often manifests itself actively against the backdrop of prostatitis, urethritis or epidimita. There is evidence that disease more vulnerable to men who have been a chronic form of prostatitis. Mostly the disease is chronic and does not itself issue. (more…)

Pain during urination

Pain during urination: what does this mean?

Pain during urination may indicate that the person is suffering from inflammation of the urethra. This disease is called urethritis common among men and women. It is manifested mainly pain discomfort, which indicates that it is necessary to address to the urologist and determine the cause of infections of the genitourinary system. (more…)

Pain in the perineum

Pain in the perineum can occur for a variety of reasons. Because this area of ​​the human body are located outside the genitals, rectum, and the opening of the urethra (called the urethra), often a pain in the perineum due to their injuries. It can be both domestic trauma and disease.

Pain in the perineum: possible causes (more…)

How to grow a lush lashes home?

Thick, lush, long eyelashes will always be in the spotlight. They give a special look expressive and sexy.

Enjoy the beauty of this nature is far from everything. Therefore, the girls go to various tricks to achieve the desired effect: eyelash extension, the use of bulk or extension mascara, etc. Minus these methods is that they produce a temporary result. In addition, after the application of the many ways the lashes lose their beauty and healthy appearance. (more…)

Points of disease and health of your feet


Probably there is no other part of the human body, so familiar to us as our palms. Hands are always before my eyes, and people for a long time its existence could become familiar with their structure, shape and color, establishing links between these features and the character of the person. For several thousand years ago there was a palm reading – occult science of divination hand. In appearance, brush, capillary and flexor lines, skin relief palms and hills on them chiromantists can judge the features of human nature, his individual characteristics, experienced events and future destiny. (more…)

What to do if water gets into the ear?

What to do if water gets into the ear?

It is said that pure water in the ear is not fraught with danger if:

  • No sulfur accumulation.
  • The organ of hearing is not damaged.

If there are any problems in the field of otolaryngology, water gets into the ear can cause complications. Water from the river waters can be dangerous for people with healthy ears: pathogens can disrupt the hearing. Especially actively behaves Pseudomonas aeruginosa: it comfortably in the ears, where there are copious amounts of sulfur. Active divers after visiting the pond may face sluggish and fearful of drugs infections. (more…)

The concept of posture

The concept of posture. Methods posture assessment

Physical perfection of man is largely determined by its bearing. You agree that an ability to keep your body in combination with agile and coordinated movements makes you attractive and strong, confident person.

By definition, this is a familiar posture of Person, involuntary posture of a standing person. (more…)

Exercises to strengthen the back

Exercises to strengthen the back.

the appearance of pain – a signal that the health of the spine undermined. After all, most people are faced with unbearable back pain from stress, from walking, from long sitting in the workplace. But more often, we forget or do not know that it is possible, even with conventional exercises to strengthen the back muscles, reduce and remove the pain. The most simple – is walking. But if you do not go a day more than 5 kilometers – you need exercises to strengthen the back muscles. (more…)

Exercises to strengthen back muscles

Exercises to strengthen back muscles

Category: Exercises for individual muscle groups

Weak back muscles are the cause of many diseases. Exercises to strengthen back muscles will not only help to avoid problems with the spine, but also to achieve the correct posture. (more…)

The symptoms and treatment of urticaria

Allergies in the modern world is a common pathology. In recent years, a number of developed countries of the world there is an increase incidence of this disease. One of the clinical forms of allergy is a rash, which appears as a characteristic swelling, rashes, blisters on the skin, resembling a sting. Treatment of this form of allergy is to limit the exposure to the allergen on the body and reducing manifestations using antihistamines. (more…)