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How to grow a lush lashes home?

Thick, lush, long eyelashes will always be in the spotlight. They give a special look expressive and sexy.

Enjoy the beauty of this nature is far from everything. Therefore, the girls go to various tricks to achieve the desired effect: eyelash extension, the use of bulk or extension mascara, etc. Minus these methods is that they produce a temporary result. In addition, after the application of the many ways the lashes lose their beauty and healthy appearance. (more…)

Points of disease and health of your feet


Probably there is no other part of the human body, so familiar to us as our palms. Hands are always before my eyes, and people for a long time its existence could become familiar with their structure, shape and color, establishing links between these features and the character of the person. For several thousand years ago there was a palm reading – occult science of divination hand. In appearance, brush, capillary and flexor lines, skin relief palms and hills on them chiromantists can judge the features of human nature, his individual characteristics, experienced events and future destiny. (more…)

What to do if water gets into the ear?

What to do if water gets into the ear?

It is said that pure water in the ear is not fraught with danger if:

  • No sulfur accumulation.
  • The organ of hearing is not damaged.

If there are any problems in the field of otolaryngology, water gets into the ear can cause complications. Water from the river waters can be dangerous for people with healthy ears: pathogens can disrupt the hearing. Especially actively behaves Pseudomonas aeruginosa: it comfortably in the ears, where there are copious amounts of sulfur. Active divers after visiting the pond may face sluggish and fearful of drugs infections. (more…)

The concept of posture

The concept of posture. Methods posture assessment

Physical perfection of man is largely determined by its bearing. You agree that an ability to keep your body in combination with agile and coordinated movements makes you attractive and strong, confident person.

By definition, this is a familiar posture of Person, involuntary posture of a standing person. (more…)

Exercises to strengthen back muscles

Exercises to strengthen back muscles

Category: Exercises for individual muscle groups

Weak back muscles are the cause of many diseases. Exercises to strengthen back muscles will not only help to avoid problems with the spine, but also to achieve the correct posture. (more…)

Hair removal

Social norms dictate that only a woman with smooth skin can be considered a beautiful and well-groomed. The desire to achieve the desired result has led to the creation of many ways to get rid of unwanted vegetation. Some of them are temporary, while others provide a long lasting result. In this section, you will learn everything about the most popular methods of hair removal and hair removal procedures for reviews and recommendations for getting rid of body hair for silky, smooth and soft skin. (more…)

Scalp problems

If you have scalp itches and flakes, should refer to the simple but effective tips. Hair condition, primarily determined by the type of the scalp. Healthy hair always attract attention and give a sign that the owner of the shag has excellent health. When the hair is thinning or become dull, it is worth considering a scalp condition. What symptoms indicate its dryness? Let’s face it. (more…)

Hair – a mirror of health

Hair – a mirror of health

Hair very well reflect the general state of health. As internal reasons, outgoing – a disorder of metabolism, diseases of various organs and external organs- the impact of weather, mechanical, thermal and chemical stimuli in the care of hair – affect them, also affect sleep, diet, condition of the nervous system and the reserves of vital energy. (more…)

Vision care

Effective care of your vision

Just imagine, to date more than 180 million. People suffer from some visually impaired, and each year this figure is increasing. However, about 75% of all diseases that can develop into blindness, treated at an early stage. The main time to react and to initiate disease. Medication for backing up and restoring of titled “Taurine”. Its main secret is the miraculous power of amino acids, which is in the body, but not as much as we would like. The additional use of taurine – getting rid of such serious ailments as corneal dystrophy and cataracts, as well as the persistence of vision in perfect condition for many years. (more…)

Take care of your feet

Caring for your feet correctly

We are in this article will focus on maintaining the beauty and health of the skin feet in winter. You must agree wrapped in warm boots or shoes of our feet deserve no less attention than in the summer heat. Let’s talk, what to do to the legs even in the winter look fresh and appealing. Unfortunately, few women can boast of ideal state of the feet. And in fact they are taking the brunt of our weight, and cheerfully, “carry” us through life. (more…)