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Health of our feet

Health of our feet as a mirror of health

The condition of our feet can tell almost everything that happens in the body. Of course, this is not the diagnosis in the truest sense of the word, however, pay close attention to the appearance of the feet, legs and the sensations, it is easy to navigate in, maybe there is a hidden disease. And this is a reason to seek the advice of a doctor. (more…)

Skin on our feet

How to restore the skin on the feet?

How to restore the skin on your feet and eliminate and cure the cracks and calluses on the heels?

If you begin to notice that the skin on the legs coarsened, pay special attention to this symptom, because over time the skin will become even more severe, they can form micro cracks, which eventually turn into deeper cracks that can provoke pain. (more…)

Feet Skin

During the day, our feet feel heavy loads, while we go, are in a sitting or standing position. In the winter, when they are hidden in the warm boots, we quickly forget that our feet need care. Meanwhile, in the cold season the skin on the feet become rough even faster, requiring special care. (more…)


Osteochondrosis – a disease of the musculoskeletal system, which is based on degenerative changes in the joint cartilage. Localized mainly in the spine, affecting the disks between the vertebral bodies. (more…)


Osteoarthritis – a disease not of an inflammatory nature, which affects the joints (cartilage and bone parts). With timely treatment of osteoarthritis progression can be significantly slowed down. If a doctor to address late or not at all apply, the consequences may be irreversible and complete immobilization of the joint. (more…)

How to improve the immunity?

Which people like to be treated? Marathons on the doctor’s offices psychologically oppressed, take time, money and self-confidence. And the root cause of all diseases is to reduce the immunity of our body’s inability to put a barrier infection, bacteria, viruses, that day everywhere around us and are transmitted in different ways. So how do you strengthen your immune defenses and strengthen the body? How competently to boost immunity? (more…)

How to get rid of irritation on the face?

Skin of man’s face is like the women’s, can face with a subject to inflammation, itching, flushing. Only the strong half of humanity additional risk factor is the shaving. This mechanical action on the skin, and its dehydration and irritation. So, what causes redness, what are the causes of this phenomenon and how to deal with it? (more…)

How to shave your face correctly?

The way to shave your face – it’s also a kind of science that comes with age, samples of different aids and determine its most appropriate. What is the correct shaving? It is smooth and clean face, the skin without irritation, cuts and burning. So what does it take? The need to arm themselves? First Knowledge. The machine or razor? (more…)

Eyes Health

Eyes Health: A simple and effective prevention

If you have never had any problems with your vision, you may not think about the condition of your eyes. Many of us are not aware of what changes may occur with age or the moment when the third hour you sit at your computer without interruption.
However, such simple actions as wearing sunglasses and eating vegetables, help preserve vision and prevent many diseases. (more…)