Causes of gastritis

(Helicobacter pylori)

Of particular interest are the causes of chronic gastritis. There are external and internal factors provoke the development of gastritis. Interestingly, some of the people gastritis develops much more slowly, do not cause a significant impact on the body. That is, the likely causes gastritis hide behind many factors, combinations thereof.

The most significant external causes of gastritis:

  • Effects on the gastric wall bacteria Helicobacter pylori, other less bacteria, fungi. Approximately 80% of patients diagnosed with gastritis isolated AFB. The bacteria are actively introduced into the wall of the gastric mucosa secrete specific substances irritate the mucous membrane, stimulate local change in pH wall inflammation. The final answer to why some people the bacteria causing considerable damage, while others do not, so far, unknown.
  • Eating disorders. It was found that poor diet is a common cause of gastritis. The statement is true in the case of overeating and malnutrition. It is to diversify the diet of plant foods rich in vitamins and fiber, normalizing peristalsis. At the initial stages of the development of gastritis should avoid foods containing crude fiber, fat, spicy canned, pickled food.
  • Alcohol abuse is isolated as a separate cause of stomach gastritis. Ethanol in small amounts is an important component of the biochemical processes in the body, but a large amount of alcohol provokes an imbalance of acid-base balance in the body. Besides alcohol in large doses, with regular use significantly affects the other digestive organs – the liver, pancreas, detrimental effect on metabolic processes in the body.
  • It is noted that some drugs that are widely used in medicine as prevent blood clotting (antiplatelet), pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs have serious side effects – irritate the stomach lining. Most frequently cause gastritis, non-hormonal anti-inflammatory agents (aspirin, etc.), glucocorticoid hormones (prednisolone, etc). These drugs are strictly recommend the use of a doctor’s appointment, fractional, in small doses, as well as after a meal.

Some researchers say the effect on the development of gastritis presence of parasitic infestations, chronic stress, corrosive chemicals used in food, or accidentally ingested.

The main internal (relating to a violation of homeostasis) reasons:

Congenital predisposition to the human gastro-intestinal diseases;

Duodenal reflux – throw pathological bile from the duodenum into the stomach. This phenomenon is referred to as reflux. Bile falling into the cavity of the stomach changes the pH of the juice, irritate the stomach wall. Initially, causes inflammation of the antral part of the stomach wall, then his other departments involved.

Autoimmune processes that damage the immune protection at mucosal cells properties. As a result, the cells cease to normal functioning, lose their original properties. This phenomenon triggers a cascade of reactions small changing pH of the juice, causes irritation of the stomach wall. There endogenous intoxication, violation of the resilience of the mucous membrane to the aggressive environment of the stomach juice.

Hormonal, vitamin metabolism, the pathogenesis of reflex influence of neighboring stomach organs.