Enlarged pores

Such function of the skin as thermoregulation and selection carried out by the skin pores that open tubule sweat and sebaceous glands. After they made perspiration and fat, hydration and softening of the skin, protect against drying and external negative factors. As a result of excessive production of sebum the pores expand. It occurs mainly in the forehead, nose and chin, at least – in the cheeks.

Enlarged pores on the face are not just a cosmetic flaw. They gradually accumulate horny epithelium, dirt, grease, which clog the mouth of the hair follicles and cause the formation of comedones and blackheads. This creates favorable conditions for the life of bacteria, which leads to the formation of dense inflammatory infiltrates, pustules, abscesses, boils, and other inflammatory processes.

Causes of enlarged pores:

  • They arise in the period of puberty and often remain for life. With age, the mouth of the excretory ducts become wider and noticeable. Knowledge of the reasons for their education in many cases, helps to understand how to get rid of enlarged pores on the face.

Enlarged pores Many factors contribute:

  1. Type of skin – more common in people with oily or combination type.
  2. Hereditary predisposition.
  3. An imbalance of hormones at puberty, menopause or as a result of dysfunction of the endocrine glands – the thyroid, gonads, hypothalamus.
  4. Improper diet, including foods rich in carbohydrates, animal fat, spices.
  5. Metabolic disease.
  6. Diseases or disorders of the digestive system.
  7. Disorders of the nervous and immune systems.
  8. Wrong way of life, smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages.

Excessive stay under sunlight, ultraviolet rays in the solarium, dehydrated skin. All this contributes to the acceleration of the withering away of the epithelium, dysfunction of the sebaceous glands, degrades collagen production by fibroblasts, largely affecting the state of the mouths of the excretory ducts.
Wrong skin care, excessive use of cosmetics or the use of poor-quality cosmetics, especially foundation and powder, clogging the pores.