Exercises to strengthen the back

Exercises to strengthen the back.

the appearance of pain – a signal that the health of the spine undermined. After all, most people are faced with unbearable back pain from stress, from walking, from long sitting in the workplace. But more often, we forget or do not know that it is possible, even with conventional exercises to strengthen the back muscles, reduce and remove the pain. The most simple – is walking. But if you do not go a day more than 5 kilometers – you need exercises to strengthen the back muscles.

Try less nervous, because excessive nerve stress and frequent stress also have an adverse effect on the health of bones and joints.

It is important to remember a few not complex rules that can help strengthen the muscles of the back:

  1. Avoid overloading.
  2. Try to control your weight.
  3. Keep your back straight when walking and at the table.
  4. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
  5. Shoes should be soft and flexible.
  6. Do not complicated exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back 1-2 times in seven days.
  7. Perform exercises to strengthen the back muscles every day, in the evening.
  8. Strengthen back muscles massage.
  9. Eat right.
  10. Like the movement.

Remember, a healthy spine – the basis of the health of the whole body!

And so, let’s start with exercises that you can do at home:
A set of exercises for the back. Relaxation.

Exercises to strengthen the muscles spinyDlya to prepare your body for a certain load, it is necessary to start with a light warm-up: brisk walking, or just walking on a treadmill, and of course breathing exercises. After that, you can safely proceed to the basic exercises to strengthen the back.

  • Exercise 1. Exercise to strengthen the muscles of the back – “crease”. Legs set slightly wider, as it is convenient. Slowly lean forward, and then drag to the knees as close as possible, pausing in this position at least 30 seconds. Do not forget that the back should be straight.
  • Exercise 2. If you have a home or the bar “wall bars” – hang on it, not touching the floor with your feet. Pausing in this position for as long as you can. For greater effect, you can place the feet wider, hanging in the air, and do three times a circular motion feet.
  • Exercise 3. Regulations – fall on his knees and his hands, his head just lower the waist and drag as much as possible up. Then arch your back down. Do these movements up to eight times.
  • Exercise 4. For the following exercises to strengthen the back, you need to lie down on the floor belly. Palms rest against the floor, parallel to the chest, and legs put at shoulder width. Gradually, emphasizing hands and toes, lift the body up and serve the lower back forward, tilting his head back. Do the exercise eight times.
  • Exercise 5.Iznachalnaya sitting position, rest on the hands and legs bent. Raise your pelvis so that the emphasis was only on straight arms and bent legs. This exercise is very important fast paced.
  • Exercise 6. The starting position of the next exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back – standing. Hands on his belt. Make a slow full turn of the pelvis and hips to the left, repeating rotations about 2 minutes. Following repeat all the same thing, right.