Feet Skin

During the day, our feet feel heavy loads, while we go, are in a sitting or standing position. In the winter, when they are hidden in the warm boots, we quickly forget that our feet need care. Meanwhile, in the cold season the skin on the feet become rough even faster, requiring special care.

Feet Skin needs to be given as much attention as the rest of the body. It is necessary to take care of her every day, regardless of the season. Then your feet will be ready at any moment to appear in open summer shoes.

Causes of rough skin on feet

  • There are different types of coarsening stop, corn – one of them. They are a defense mechanism of the foot: Corn is formed over the cracked skin and protects it from thus further damage. Calluses on the skin can be caused by lack of moisture, wearing shoes without socks, irregular gait, too loose or tight shoes. Often the culprit is the appearance of corns shoes with high heels – hardening formed on the upper and outer parts of the fingers, especially on the little finger.
  • With insufficient wetting the skin on the soles of the feet begins ogrubevat becomes hard and rough. As a result of constant friction and pressure skin actively forms new cells. Due to the overabundance of old dead skin cells on the soles becomes thicker, taking a slightly yellowish appearance. As a consequence, on the heels or in the thumb may appear roughened skin.
    By themselves, calluses are not dangerous, but deliver considerable discomfort in the form of cracked skin, bacterial infections or bleeding. These effects can be prevented by using moisturizing creams or tools to remove rough skin.
  • Caring for your feet skin will not only improve the appearance of your feet in summer sandals, but also help to avoid deterioration that can bring serious discomfort.

Daily care

  • In order to maintain the softness of skin and foot health, it is important to regularly remove rough skin. It is advisable not to run her condition to the extent that it can be removed only in the doctor’s office. Get rid of corns can own, this is a set of tools that are easy to use at home.
  • One of the most effective means for this procedure – electric roller Scholl nail file with diamond grit. It gently removes dead skin areas, releasing the young skin. A good moisturizer is a source of additional moisture will prevent the appearance of rough skin on the feet.
    Hydrated skin is more elastic, making it more receptive to the load on the foot and friction while walking. A sufficient amount of moisture in the skin to reduce the risk of cracks and damage over time stop. An effective way to moisturize and soften the rough skin on the feet – use day nourishing cream or night cream mask.