Hair removal

Social norms dictate that only a woman with smooth skin can be considered a beautiful and well-groomed. The desire to achieve the desired result has led to the creation of many ways to get rid of unwanted vegetation. Some of them are temporary, while others provide a long lasting result. In this section, you will learn everything about the most popular methods of hair removal and hair removal procedures for reviews and recommendations for getting rid of body hair for silky, smooth and soft skin.

  • Selection of an appropriate method will depend on the sensitivity of the skin, hair growth rate and personal preference. Beauty salons offer hair removal services that are performed by professionals. Hair removal can also be done at home with the help of tweezers, razors, epilator or wax. Unwanted hair is removed with the help of the four main types of impacts: Deep hair removal allows you to remove hairs from the root – plucking tweezers, the use of an apparatus for electrolysis, shugaring, electric epilators, waxing, Brazilian bikinis.
  • See Brazilian hair removal on the video. Photoepilation affects the hair shaft by means of light waves, which are heated and destroyed follicles. Electrolysis – only option of hair removal, providing guaranteed complete freedom from unwanted hair. Temporary hair removal removes hair at the skin surface without affecting the hair follicles – shaving, depilatory creams. Epilator consists of small rotating tweezers – they pulled the hair out of the bulb.
  • Frequent and prolonged use of the epilator causes damage to the hair follicles and reduces the amount of hair over time. The advantage of using an electric epilator is easy to use at home. Purchase unit cost is not cheap, but it pays back its cost in the long term. Pros: Since the hairs removed from the root, you can count on smooth skin within 3-6 weeks. Home epilator replaces hike to a beauty salon to the master. Full security. No cuts and abrasions, as when using a razor. You can select the appliance specifically for deep hair removal bikini line. Cons: It is quite a painful process. The skin becomes dry.