Health of our feet

Health of our feet as a mirror of health

The condition of our feet can tell almost everything that happens in the body. Of course, this is not the diagnosis in the truest sense of the word, however, pay close attention to the appearance of the feet, legs and the sensations, it is easy to navigate in, maybe there is a hidden disease. And this is a reason to seek the advice of a doctor.

Zone: heart and liver

We start with the feet themselves. Different portions thereof are reflex zones associated with one or another internal organ. Have you noticed that some dry feet often speak runny nose, cough or sore throat? Hypothermia reflex zones, regulating the status of the inner ear, throat and bronchi (under the fingers on the soles of the feet), just leads to colds.

Try massaging the toes, heel, mid-soles, rise – perhaps by clicking on any point, you will feel the pain. Sometimes unpleasant sensations arise by themselves – for example, during walking. This almost always means that the area associated with the painful organ does not work well.

So, in front of the arch of the left foot is the heart area, and often for a couple of days prior to a heart attack ache a little here, and a person starts for no apparent reason after a late challenge. In the same, but on the right foot is a liver area – pain when pressed can mean to a violation of liver function.

The depth of the arch of both feet are located zones of kidneys, adrenal glands, stomach. Active points associated with the eye and vision, the folds are at the second and third toes. The heels are associated with the pelvic area and genitals. The women in the center of the heel area and placed ovarian appendages, and if you step on them hurt, it means that a gynecologist is waiting for you. A rise in the internal part of the foot along the entire length symbolizes the backbone.
However, even a thorough knowledge of all the important points does not protect from possible mistakes, which is why in the first place with pain in the foot is better to consult a doctor, to understand the reflex zones.

Secrets of our feet

One painful, we will not get in the feet – foot store many more secrets. Their color, for example, may vary, and the slightest change in a healthy pink skin tone should be alerted. For example, a dark purple hue on the big toes meant problems with blood vessels of the brain, even the threat of thrombosis and hemorrhage. Blue color alludes to the pronounced tendency to seizures, to the expansion of veins. Reticulum of tiny hemorrhages in one of the reflex zones indicates a pathological problem with the appropriate authority.

Sometimes there is a general redness of both feet – so there is a general fatigue may have some problems in the heart and blood vessels. Crimson shades on the feet are characteristic of diabetes, yellowed skin indicates a malfunction in the liver, bladder, pancreas and thyroid gland, and unnaturally white – about anemia. Especially alarming shade of skin of feet – green, it indicates the presence of tumors.

Why is foot got excited?

Wet, cold feet, covered in sweat, signal the dysfunction of the thyroid gland or calcium deficiency. And here too the foot dry and warm – a sign of high blood pressure, atherosclerosis or breach of thermoregulation. Continuing dry and cold feet mean failure of the cardiovascular system and the wet and hot indicate inflammation in the body.

Yellow skin, chapped

When the work of some of the internal organs is disrupted in the reflex areas of the foot skin sometimes sags slightly as if to form small holes. It happens, and vice versa – as if flesh grows under the skin, there are hardened, bubbles, flagella from adipose tissue. Clearly traced the zone in which it is going to pay attention to their health. Sometimes irritation appears under the thumbs, corns, which delayed to come down. Rather, the body lacks vitamins, A and B.

If the skin is evenly across the foot coarsens and dries – then disturbed metabolism of some endocrine diseases. A common phenomenon – yellow keratinized skin on heels – indicates digestive problems.

Do not trust the swelling

Exploring feet for problems in the body, it is impossible to avoid such a widespread phenomenon as swelling of the ankles, and sometimes – the shins. Share they can a lot. If unilateral edema – possibly the reason – in deep vein thrombophlebitis. Swelling that occurs in the morning, and disappears after a few hours of active walking, often with chronic diseases of varicose vessels of the legs. When administered concurrently with ankles swollen eyelids – trouble with the kidneys, stomach and if – it is necessary to check the liver. In heart failure, swollen ankles with the transition to the lower leg, and swelling occur at the end of the day, and in the morning they are not.

However, the swelling – a very unstable feature of any pathology. It may occur after ingestion of certain drugs by physical overload due to heat and fatigue. However, to play it safe by going to the doctor and having passed the tests, never hurts.

What do corn

Corns we all have a different shape, hardness and location. So, pay attention to the following characteristic features of these tumors malosimpatichnye.

– Corn in the form of cracks indicate violations of the intestine.

– Very hard calluses on the heels of talk of adverse changes in the joints.

– Corn “horseshoe” on the outer edge of the foot hint what’s wrong spine.

– Corn on the bottom right under the little finger indicates violations of the liver.

– Calluses under the little finger of his left foot announces disturbing changes of the heart.

– Calluses on the soles under four; fingers, except the thumb, hinting at nerve strain.

– Finally, the corn on the outer edge of thumb warns of failure in the thyroid gland.