How to choose the deodorant?

It’s no secret that men’s sweat glands are working much more intensively than women, so a cosmetic product, as the male deodorant – this is not the only guarantee of dry armpits, but also a sense of comfort even in the hottest situations. Sweating – a problem that can put you in an awkward situation, regardless of the time of year.

Stress, emotions, enhanced physical activity – all this leads to increased work of sweat glands, causing beads of sweat appear on the body and emit a peculiar odor. To avoid this problem, it is important to observe the basic rules of hygiene, wear clean clothes and be sure to use a male deodorant. Well, how to choose it, will be discussed in our current publications. To begin with, what to hide the smell of sweat with the help of only a deodorant is impossible, since such a combination will result in an even more unique “cocktail of aromas” than sweat in pure form. The fact that human sweat smell itself.

  • Specific smell is the result of mixing the bacteria with the secretion of sebaceous glands. After all, the skin surface is dominated by a variety of organisms, from which, unfortunately, we do not get rid of. Therefore, the ideal way to fight then there will be those deodorants that reduces the smell of sweat and prevent its release. Men’s means to control sweating are divided into three categories: deodorants: perfumed deodorants; antiperspirants. First means comprise a disinfectant and bactericidal ingredients that inhibit bacterial activity. Second, include scented perfumes, and others – antiperspirants are designed to close the ducts of sweat glands, thus preventing the process of sweating. This perfumed deodorants should use those men who are sweating slightly, as these tools contain little bactericidal and antiperspirant substances. So how do you choose the right? We will share with you some effective tips.
  1. Tip One: consider the sensitivity of the skin As the deodorant can cause significant irritation, severe itching underarm, rashes and even dry skin, then when you buy should pay attention to the means for sensitive skin. In such products there is no alcohol, and this is indicated on the label.
  2. Tip Two: Roller deodorant sprays and spray advantage is the lack of contact with the skin. Also, the spray is much easier and more enjoyable to use. Roller antiperspirant, unlike spray means is environmentally friendly because it contains no gas.
  3. Tip three: sweat protection Previously released deodorant that protects against the smell of sweat, but now these funds can counteract and sweating as well. These tools include deodorants, antiperspirants, which contain aluminum and zinc compounds that block the ducts of the sweat glands.
  4. Tip Four: The antibacterial properties of deodorant Most antiperspirants contain substances that prevent the growth of bacteria or even destroy them. Also possess antibacterial properties deodorants containing alcohol and triclosan, which is also a devastating effect on the bacteria. Tip Four: If you choose a scent deodorant that does not have a sharp odor, it can be combined with any perfume or scented water. However, if you decide to buy perfumed remedy, we recommend that you choose a neutral flavor. The pungent smell indicates that perfumed substances in it much more than antibacterial. These are simple tips and tricks will help you find the perfect deodorant and feel confident in any situation.