How to get rid of irritation on the face?

Skin of man’s face is like the women’s, can face with a subject to inflammation, itching, flushing. Only the strong half of humanity additional risk factor is the shaving. This mechanical action on the skin, and its dehydration and irritation. So, what causes redness, what are the causes of this phenomenon and how to deal with it?

  • Causes of redness and such defects on the skin of men are less common than in women. Often they are associated with incorrect treatment of diseases. The reason may be a gastrointestinal disease or endocrine system. Redness in the form of acne occur in men who are engaged in power sports and performance are taking anabolic steroids. Often the cause of skin redness of men are allergic. Of course, men are less likely to suffer from this disease than women. This applies to seasonal allergies at flowering, poplar fluff.
  • But allergic to certain foods and chemicals, medication is not uncommon and the representatives of the strong half. Sometimes the cause reddening of the skin in men is quite a serious disease rosacea. It should be noted that it is equally characteristic for both men and women. This disease is a persistent subcutaneous vascular lesion, which is manifested by hyperemia in the cheeks and nose, forehead and chin and also accompanied by a rash, spider veins and ulcers. It accompanies the development of rosacea genetic predisposition to the disease. Sometimes its appearance quite the appearance of the stimulus in the form of dry or hot air. It promotes rosacea and gastritis, a tendency to allergies. In group risk are also men with vascular dystonia. By the way, the people of the north are more prone to rosacea.
  • The most important thing to do when a man have this problem – to consult a dermatologist. Especially if symptoms increase redness, itching and enhanced extension of the localization region. The doctor will examine your skin first visually prescribe additional tests if necessary. According to their results it will diagnose and prescribe appropriate therapy. If a man really rosacea, the symptoms can be treated quickly in the initial extent of disease. In the advanced stage treatment is prolonged with the use of not only local treatment with antibiotics. You may need antibiotics and internal. If the cause of the redness of the skin are other diseases, the dermatologist forwards the man to the therapist to treat problems.
  • The complete healing of the underlying disease will take place and this is its manifestation. Therapeutic treatment usually is to eliminate dysfunctions of internal organs. When serious internal reasons for the redness of the skin, not, to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms you can use the recipes of traditional medicine. An effective treatment for redness and inflammation of the skin is the juice of plantain. Washing with plain soap can be exchanged for washing chamomile and succession. Perfectly dries inflammation and reduces redness tar soap. This is a good way to dry and oily skin to remove congestion at the same time. Men with sensitive skin of the face tar soap is recommended to use daily as a preventive tool.
  • Young men in the event of recurrent skin redness can use Kuriozin ointment in the form of a gel. Typically, the drug quickly relieves these symptoms. And, of course, in the period of application of popular recipes you need to track your food intake. This means that it should be excluded from the acute and fatty foods and enrich the menu with vegetables, fruit as a source of vitamins. You can even drink a week oil solution of vitamin A and E Aevitum complex. These two are the main vitamin for healthy skin. So, do not delay a visit to the dermatologist with the appearance of redness. Even if a serious illness he did not identify, would give their professional advice to eliminate facial flushing.