How to grow a lush lashes home?

Thick, lush, long eyelashes will always be in the spotlight. They give a special look expressive and sexy.

Enjoy the beauty of this nature is far from everything. Therefore, the girls go to various tricks to achieve the desired effect: eyelash extension, the use of bulk or extension mascara, etc. Minus these methods is that they produce a temporary result. In addition, after the application of the many ways the lashes lose their beauty and healthy appearance.

How to grow eyelashes at home, to the effect remained for a long time? Proper care of the eyelashes will help each girl find the lashes of your dreams.

Care for lashes home

Today the cosmetic market offers a huge range of different cosmetic products for eyelashes care. But today, I would like to talk about natural beauty recipes that you can use at home.

Oil for the growth of eyelashes

Using a variety of natural oils is very good effect on the health and beauty of your eyelashes. We will understand more about the use of oil, which oil is helping us to achieve the desired result.

Burdock oil for eyelashes

For proper care of the eyelashes is often used burdock oil. Biologically active substances contained in the composition of the oil, contribute to the improvement of metabolic processes.

In addition to the lashes themselves very well nourishes and regenerates skin cells, which is also very important. Systematic use of burdock oil will make your lashes lush, thick and long. Vitamins and minerals contained in oil nourish follicle eyelashes, which affects the growth of eyelashes.

Also in burdock oil contains inulin, which cleanses the skin, removes toxic substances that prevent the growth of eyelashes.

Burdock can be applied with a cotton pad or using a cosmetic brush. Apply the oil and after 1-2 hours, then gently wipe with a napkin. To effect a long time was fixed, use the oil within one month.

Castor oil for eyelashes

Castor oil for eyelashes is also one of the most popular tools. The use of castor oil promotes growth and strengthen lashes. About breakage and loss can be forgotten forever.

Castor oil is recommended to be applied 1 hour 3 times a week.

For more eyelashes power, it is recommended to mix castor oil with almond or grape with oil.

Packs for the growth of eyelashes

Packs based on medicinal herbs broth complement oil therapy. To prepare such compress can use herbs such as chamomile, cornflower, mother-and-stepmother. Prepare a decoction of these herbs, strain it and cool start procedure. To do this, you need to soak cotton pads in broth and put on eyelids for 20 minutes.

These packs will not only improve the appearance of lashes, but also refresh the skin around the eyes, remove puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

Massage Eye

Eye Massage also stimulates the growth of eyelashes. You can use any cosmetic oil, but you can do without it, as anyone convenient. Massage technique is light, subtle movements of the eye.

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