How to shave your face correctly?

The way to shave your face – it’s also a kind of science that comes with age, samples of different aids and determine its most appropriate. What is the correct shaving? It is smooth and clean face, the skin without irritation, cuts and burning. So what does it take? The need to arm themselves? First Knowledge. The machine or razor?

  • Despite the all-consuming advertising, men have their own views on the tools for shaving. One suitable machine with replaceable blades, the other uses a disposable shaving machine tool, and the third – “does not change the” favorite shaver. It depends on the habits of men and skin type. As for the shaver, the specific guidance and recommendations, it is not required. However, some shavers can not cope with stiff bristles, and also perfectly shaved hairs that have grown, machine – not really. Thoroughly wash before shaving to prepare your skin to interact with the blade. The moisture softens stubble. You can apply and a special emollient cream. Then take a soft towel, soak it in hot water, wring out and apply to face for long. This manipulation also soften the skin. Then you need to squeeze out the gel or foam on the palm.
  • Evenly apply it in a circular motion on the chin, neck, cheeks – the whole face area, which will shave. You can do it and brush. At the end of this tool is applied to the chin. Prepare tools in advance before the start of shaving, make sure that your machine sharp blades. Shaving blunt machine – it is a strong skin irritation, cuts and lower result in quality shaving. And if you have sensitive skin, then the machine blade must be sharp. When you’re used disposable shaving machines, then they need to be replaced more frequently. A maximum of three using this machine will give you the opportunity to avoid the above troubles. In multiple-machine blade should be changed in time. Technique is recommended to start shaving shaving face with cheeks. To do this, the machine must be carried out from the beginning of the growth of the bristles from the top to the jawline. In this zone compliant bristle face and generally any machine is cut off. We remind the main rule of shaving: this should be on the growth of stubble, and not against it. Some men used to shave a little obliquely, at an angle. Perhaps this option you also nice.
  • With his free hand should help themselves, a little pulling the skin for best effect. No need to put pressure on the machine with the power. Smooth, medium-pressure movements will be enough. When you start to his chin, it should be from the neck toward the chin. It is often the neck, than in other areas, there is a problem of ingrown hair. It is solvable. To do this, pick up a sterilized forceps these hairs and, slowly, gently shave them. After shaving this area it should be paid more attention: rinse moisturizing cosmetic soap with abrasive particles and then do not regret the cream on the area. To avoid skin cuts, after one or two passes of the machine should be sure to wash the blade under a strong jet of water. By the way, there is a soft bristle shaving his secret. First, you can make a person a wet towel, then wet the blade of the machine in the icy water. This will provide an extraordinary ease of shaving process.
  • This recipe is absolutely not suitable for hard bristles. Cold water and cooled machine, on the contrary, to weight shaving. After shaving the cheeks and the neck should be ready to field a mustache. It is here that usually grows very stiff bristles. Her front britёm also need to soften. How? Shaving this area in the last turn already allows your foam or gel deeply soak into the skin area. Can be repeatedly applied to this area means for shaving after rinsing it with hot water. Shave the stubble on his upper lip should, compressing his lips, the skin taut, and thus help themselves facial muscles. This machine is recommended to send a little at an angle. Since the hairs in this area will be cut more easily and evenly. The less movement you will do the machine, the less skin irritation. It is important for the sensitive of its kind.
  • Now you need to wash away the remnants of your habitual shaving the face and consider carefully. If a certain area remained hairs, there is no need to apply foam again. It will be enough to moisten the edge of the machine with hot water and wipe again walk through the problem areas. Often men having difficulty shaving area on the cheeks near the nose and on the chin line from the neck to the ears. If the bristles in these places do not shave at the hairline, I try to choose different angles for ease of shaving. Perhaps in hard to reach places you will be easier to operate the machine against the line of stubble growth. The main thing – do not press hard, do not pass on one site many times.
  • A person is required to “respond” to this irritation. When you deal with the tight spaces, then wash his face with cool water. It should not be cold, and it was cool, because the pores are exposed to the cold can be closed, and small cuts will be difficult to handle. After shaving, you should not use cologne. It great percentage of alcohol, and no special oils. This means that there is no possibility to soften the skin of the face and neck. It is better to use aftershave, and then apply the cream, if you have sensitive skin. It will soothe and moisturize it. Helpful Hints Morning is the most favorable time of day for shaving. The reason is that the skin a rest for the night, it is relaxed and calm. But this does not mean that should shave immediately after sleep. Wait 15-20 minutes, drink a coffee or breakfast. Immediately after shaving is not necessary to put on a skin cream. This can lead to the appearance of the face is not very nice acne wen. First you need to wash with cool water, and only then apply the lotion with a note on the package “after shaving» (aftershave). In no case do not need to wash too hot water while shaving. This extreme, which is based on the misconception that the very hot water to steam your face and make it easier shaving. If your skin is sensitive, it is sure to irritation appears after such a hot shave. You do not need to shave daily. The more often you do it, the faster growing hair, the harder it becomes. It is recommended to shave once every three days. But for every man shaving frequency – personal question.
  • Many men shave every other day. If you want to look good sometimes you need to break that rhythm and shave two days in a row. That is clear guidance for you on the regularity of the process. There can be specific advice on the choice of a razor or the machine. A representative of a strong half selects this tool individually. The only time-tested rule for all – a frequent change of the machine or blade to it. Regarding the choice of foam or gel, then it is better to choose a gel which does not contain soap. In opting foam and applying it on the face, the man does not see those areas that shaves because the foam density and opacity. The gel allows you to see what is underneath, it still need to be traversed once the machine for a certain portion of the face. Never rub with force face with a towel after shaving. Especially if your towel tough. Just pat them face. There is a category of men whose skin can not get used to shave.
  • These people can only advise a cosmetic approach, ie the selection of special creams or oils, alcohol-free shaving. And another important rule – the use of a sufficient amount of vitamins of group B. They help man to soften the skin to facilitate the shaving process. How to avoid irritation Shave for men should be a pleasure, not a hard labor followed by skin irritation. If you frequently they occur, it is necessary to choose such a shaving aid, which contains a minimum of alcohol. To do this, carefully get acquainted with the content of the label. Alcohol – the basis of skin irritation. Prefer shaving gel and not foam. It will provide a smooth razor glide. It is recommended to apply to the skin for a few minutes before shaving to give the opportunity to soak in a bit of it. To avoid irritation to help frequent rinsing machine moderately hot water. Thus, you do not give the possibility of bacteria to “run” from one zone to another person. To avoid irritation never rub your face with a towel after shaving. The skin needs careful handling. Use shaving tools with aloe vera and vitamin E. If your skin is prone to irritation, the shaving process should be transferred to the evening. Thus, compliance with our advice will make it possible to avoid irritation and look confident.