Inflammation of the appendages

Inflammation of the appendages or adnexitis – disease “popular”: every tenth woman is familiar with it personally. According to statistics, 85% of …

Who is at risk?

Get your feet wet, cold, walking with the child, bathed in a cold sea … Many believe the main cause of inflammation of the appendages – hypothermia. Doctors do not argue: it is, of course, a risk factor adnexitis, but not the main. Excuse me, can be obtained and a runny nose, and sore throat – hypothermia lowers the tone of blood vessels, reduces the body’s defenses.

Yet the main reason provoking adnexitis, – an infection which can get into the uterine cavity, not only after unprotected sex, but after an abortion or research requiring intrauterine intervention.

Inflammation of the appendages provoke and intrauterine devices. However, there is a single exception – intrauterine contraceptive system with levonorgestrel (a hormone similar to the natural progesterone). Hormone uniformly in very small quantities released into the uterine cavity on a daily basis. Levonorgestrel has a local effect on the endometrium of the uterus, which actually prevents pregnancy. Furthermore, it increases the viscosity of the cervical mucus in the channel, making it difficult to penetrate and infections in the uterus.

What’s happening?

If the infection manages to break through the barrier and into the fallopian tubes, it begins to multiply rapidly and there is inflammation. Most often, the inflammatory process extends to the ovaries.

The classic symptoms of acute adnexitis is:

abdominal pain, which may be given in the lower back or hip;
discharge (yellowish or purulent);
raising the temperature to 38-39 degrees;
in the early days – dysuria;
general deterioration of health, weakness;
possible violations of the cycle.
However, we are all different, and each of us have the disease can manifest itself in different ways. We found the problem – do not delay the visit to the doctor and, most importantly, do not try to treat yourself. Women often on the advice of her friends begin taking antibiotics: they say, still the doctor will prescribe! After a week or ten days the pain recedes, the temperature becomes normal and it seems that everything is in order. A disease in the meantime become chronic without fanfare.

The most dangerous thing!

In chronic adnexitis temperature usually remains normal, periodically disturb aching pain in the abdomen, may be disrupted monthly cycle, sometimes occur and inflammation of the urinary system.

Chronic adnexitis – it is very serious: in the fallopian tubes are formed adhesions that prevent the capture of the egg. Dramatically increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy. Launched adhesions can lead to a complete obstruction of pipes, which means that the pregnancy will become impossible. Often in chronic adnexitis disturbed sexual functions. Often it takes years of treatment, and not always in the final waiting for a happy ending.

Whether the diagnosis is correct?

Under the guise of adnexitis may be lurking and other diseases. For example, endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome, in which a completely different treatment. The doctor at survey examines the state of the uterus, cervix, appendages. In addition, other studies are necessary:

CBC (when inflammation increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate, white blood cells);
vaginal smear (using microscopy reveal the causative agent);
Pelvic ultrasound (to rule out ectopic pregnancy, the presence of cysts or other abnormalities).
How to treat?
In acute adnexitis important to quickly suppress inflammatory processes in the uterus, relieve pain, but also help the protective forces of the body to work more actively. Therefore, the doctor prescribes a comprehensive treatment: antibiotics, painkillers and drugs that improve blood circulation, as well as vitamins.

When the temperature returns to normal, the pain disappears, carefully transferred to physiotherapy. If we manage to capture the disease at the very beginning, the treatment takes 2-3 weeks. You can, of course, be treated at home, but it is better to go to hospital: the adnexitis needed rest. A house is not before: you get up to prepare food, to meet the child from kindergarten or school, feed her husband returned from work. In addition to the treatment imposed an absolute prohibition on sex: with a broken leg does not ride on skates …

Chronic adnexitis, like any disease, get a permanent “residence” in the body, to treat difficult. Antibiotics in this situation will not help. Assign physical therapy: electrophoresis, ultrasound, magnetic therapy, irrigation, the preparations improving microcirculation and trophism. Effectively mud, but he does have contraindications – benign growths and tumors.

Diet also treats:

During acute adnexitis need hypoallergenic diet. Excluded are egg whites, chocolate, kiwi, milk and other foods that can trigger allergic reactions. Prohibited spicy food, coffee, limit sweets and starchy foods. Recommended boiled and stewed dishes, drinking plenty of fluids: weak tea with lemon, mineral water, fruit drinks cranberry or cranberries, the infusion of rose hips.

While you are taking antibiotics, you can not drink kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt – they weaken the effect of the drug. It is important to ensure that regular bowel movements – so the menu should be more fruits and vegetables.