Inflammation of the ovaries

This article is about one of the most dangerous women’s health problems, a complication that can lead to the loss of opportunity to become pregnant and give birth to a baby. It’s about an inflammation of the ovaries and the treatment of this common folk remedies, unfortunately, the disease. Liqueurs, the recipes of which will be offered, administered orally, in a separate article, you can read about the treatment of vaginal appendages using tampons.

Ovaries – national treatment

Women paired glands located in the pelvis on both sides of the uterus, which is stored and mature gametes are referred ovaries. Other internal female sex organs – is the fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina. The ovaries also produced hormones such as androgens, estrogens and progestins. The peak of development of the ovaries is achieved in 20-25 years: the average size at this age – two to three centimeters. After 35 years, a reduction in their weight. We often nulliparous women ovarian aging is faster.

Ovarian Jobs (menstrual cycle is 28 days) is the formation of a dominant follicle are among the ovaries, the formation of the egg in it, and after maturation / ovulation – move through the fallopian tube (about 10 centimeters in length) into the uterus. If the egg is fertilized by the time of this movement, the uterus comes already the embryo. If fertilization does not occur, the egg follicle performing the pass reverse development – this is the second phase of the menstrual cycle, which lasts about 14 days. At the same time, the endometrium lining the uterus from the inside, without waiting for the fetus – atrophy, feeding it blood vessels break, menstruation begins. And the cycle repeats again.

Now, the word “pipe” is a Latin word salpinx. Hence, inflammation of the fallopian tubes is called salpingitis. “Ovary” is a Latin word ooforum, therefore, inflammation of the ovaries – oophoritis.

  • When hurts both, the addition of these two words get common name – salpingo-ophoritis. However, a kind man, which is slightly simplified the life of the patient, allowing more common name of this process – adnexitis. the uterus is the common name for the fallopian tubes and ovaries. Of course, occur occasionally inflammation of the tubes do not affect the ovaries, but in most cases the inflamed tube and transmit the infection there. Therefore, it is an inflammation of appendages adnexitis first and only occasionally or salpingitis oophoritis.
  • Most often the pain occurs frequently, but there are also permanent. It depends on the degree of inflammation. Usually the pain is accompanied by changes in the neuro-mental state. This poor sleep, irritability, reduced disability, fatigue and so on. On the psycho-emotional state and a decrease in ovarian function (that hormonal changes) and associated sexual dysfunction, which occur in more than half of cases occur in the reduction of sexual desire, lack of orgasm, vaginismus, pain during sexual intercourse. The presence of an inflammatory focus in the pelvis leads to disruption of the menstrual cycle in women half. This irregular cycle, scanty or abundant painful menstruation.
  • In acute inflammation of the appendages will probably increase in body temperature up to 39-40 degrees, nausea, vomiting, flatulence. When you right-sided adnexitis should be differentiated and adnexitis appendicitis. As a result of acute adnexitis pathological process involved ovary and fallopian tube all the layers, as a result, in the lumen of the fallopian tube is formed pus. In the case of purulent fusion of tissues of the fallopian tube or ovary and rupture the pus can get into the abdominal cavity and cause peritonitis development that is necessary to emergency surgery.
  • Because quite often vague symptoms, such as dragging pain in the abdomen, menstrual disorders, general weakness, and fever, which may be accompanied by nausea and dizziness, inflammation of the appendages / ovarian mistaken for beginning flu or poisoning … Any pain medications in this case may be turn an acute attack of a chronic disease.
  • Improper, incorrect or late begun treatment of inflammation of the uterus becomes chronic. In this state, the pain can be absent or negligible. In chronic inflammation of the pain is often a dull, sometimes giving to the hips and crotch area. As a result, the fallopian tubes are filled with exudative fluid containing pus that forms adhesions, and tubal occlusion. That, in turn, leads to the possibility of infertility and ectopic pregnancy. Experts say that infertility occurs in half of the cases after the third inflammatory attack.