Pain in the perineum

Pain in the perineum can occur for a variety of reasons. Because this area of ​​the human body are located outside the genitals, rectum, and the opening of the urethra (called the urethra), often a pain in the perineum due to their injuries. It can be both domestic trauma and disease.

Pain in the perineum: possible causes

Pain in the perineum in women and men often have different nature. Men often suffer from pain in the perineum for the following reasons:

  • manifestations of chronic or acute prostatitis;
  • urethritis (inflammation of the urethra);
  • Cooper (inflammation bulbospongiosus-urethral glands);
  • kollikulit (inflammation of seed tubercle);
  • abscess of the prostate gland;
  • orchitis (testicular inflammation);
  • oncological diseases.

Symptom “pain in the perineum,” women often worried because:

  • vaginitis (vaginitis) – inflammation of the vagina;
  • bartholinitis – inflammation of the glands of vestibule;
  • injuries sustained during delivery;
  • late pregnancy.

Equally perineal pain often in men and women can be caused by:

  • infringement of the pudendal nerve;
  • the presence of skin diseases (warts, boils, warts);
  • violation of the skin in the rectal area (cracks, abscess, inflammation, hemorrhoids);
  • chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

Types of pain in the perineum

Sharp pain in the perineum cause bruises, wounds, bruises, wounds festering processes, cancer, prostatitis, urethritis and other diseases in the acute stage. Such pain in the perineum is amplified during urination or defecation. Characteristic symptoms that accompany a sharp pain in the perineum: fever, malaise, delayed stool. Severe pain in the perineum may lead to fainting, numbness of the inside of the thighs, and other displays.

Aching pain in the perineum accompanies chronic illnesses. Such pain in the perineum often long and not too intense.

Stitching pain in the perineum often caused by women’s illnesses, including inflammatory processes of the vagina. It is often accompanied by copious.

What to do when the pain in the perineum?

Are you concerned about pain in the perineum you concerned about pain in the perineum? Do not wait for the moment when “will take place itself.” Seek professional medical help at the first signs of malaise. Otherwise, you can start the disease. Pain in the perineum can testify as lung ailment caused by, for example, mechanical damage or a serious disease that requires immediate treatment.

Only an experienced urologist can determine the reasons that caused the pain. The specialist will conduct a survey, gather medical history and prescribe treatment. Early diagnosis facilitates the speedy recovery of the patient and prevents the development of complications.