Points of disease and health of your feet


Probably there is no other part of the human body, so familiar to us as our palms. Hands are always before my eyes, and people for a long time its existence could become familiar with their structure, shape and color, establishing links between these features and the character of the person. For several thousand years ago there was a palm reading – occult science of divination hand. In appearance, brush, capillary and flexor lines, skin relief palms and hills on them chiromantists can judge the features of human nature, his individual characteristics, experienced events and future destiny.

Our palms are on the surface a lot of information about us, and everyone can decipher without difficulty. But this is not the only source of knowledge about our life’s journey. Besides information, “seek” in the palm of our hand, is far from complete. Our body is fraught with a lot of other amazing information about us, and a considerable part of them can provide our … feet – or rather, feet.

Feet always turned down, we almost never see them and therefore do not pay any attention to them. For several millennia, as invented shoes that further covers the soles of our attention. Meanwhile, the foot is a very interesting part of our body. It turns out, according to him, as well as on the palms, you can determine a person’s character and even look into its future, it suffices to consider how to his foot, toes, skin pattern on the sole. Can this somehow explain?

No one will deny that between our body (arms and legs, as well) and our inner world are closely linked. Also, we are inextricably linked with the outside world, to which we look through the eyes of a traveler walking on a difficult, thorny road of life. Our legs stiffen and take on the characteristics of not only the result of years of movement on a hard surface. The land on which we go … The road of life, we go through from start to finish … All this leaves an indelible imprint on our soles, just as our hands imprinted signs of destiny.

Stop assumes all the vicissitudes of life. All our habits, unfortunately, errors necessarily imprinted on it in the form of skin folds and lines, calluses, flat feet, and so on. D. Scientists believe that the state of our feet can tell a lot about the life, health, mood and habits of each of us.

This book contains a lot of not only interesting, but also useful information from the field podomancy – art “read” on foot. You will learn how and why our feet are different, as evidenced by the line of the foot. The study will help identify the hidden foot or confirm the obvious health problems, it will help in time to pay close attention to health.

Read our book, study your body and be happy and healthy!


Human foot is the lower leg department. Part of the foot, directly in contact with the ground is called a foot (or sole). human foot consists of 26 bones and bone has three points of support. Two of them are in the forefoot and one in the rear. Forefoot, including five fingers, called the toe, back – heel. When walking heel-first contact with the ground, then – the lateral edge of the foot pads of the foot and big toe. The correctness of our gait and foot joints performance to a large extent depend on the condition of the feet. Moreover, the appearance, size, color, type of the foot determine many aspects of the physical and emotional state of a person.

In contrast to the hands, which can be easily and quickly review, inspection of the foot is associated with some difficulties and time-consuming. Before looking at his foot, we need to do some manipulation: to sit down, take off our shoes and pulling his hand to his foot, turning her foot up. And not everyone will succeed at once, and if it happens, you still have to look at his foot at an angle. And this is somewhat distorts perception. Rotate foot foot up so that it is parallel to the ground, it will be possible only after a long workout and stretching the muscles. However, there is much more easy and enjoyable way to see his own foot – it is enough to use the mirror.

Tie the legs with the head

It would seem that there may be similarities between the feet and the brain hemispheres? Meanwhile, such a relationship exists, and it is very strong. Scientists have long proven that different people have one of the hemispheres of the brain can be developed more strongly than the other, which leads to the peculiarities of their development and behavior. People with more developed right hemisphere have pronounced creative abilities, they have well-developed intuition, they better understand classical music, easily abstracted from the concrete, are capable of associative thinking, longer remember very different impressions of what he saw or heard.

People with more developed left brain more pronounced concrete thinking, logic, numeracy, language skills. Such people are more receptive to rhythmic music, their association is quite specific, since they do not easily given the generalization of concepts.

Right foot – left foot

With regard to the soles of the concept of “right-handed” and “left-hand” is also relevant, although the properties of the right and left hemispheres pass to the feet and other parts of the body in the opposite way. This is due to the fact that in a head ganglia specifically intersect. For example, if the right person to prick the body part, the pain can occur in the left part of the head or vice versa.

The right foot refers to the masculine aspect of being, as it defines our relationship with men, including her father. On the right foot, you can find out about developments in relation to the past. The left foot is associated with the feminine, relationships with women, including his mother. On it you can judge about this, about what is happening in a person’s life at the moment. On the left foot can also be manifested more clearly, and what we would like to hide from others.