Tully, 38 y.o., Australia

I’ve tried many generic pills, but I think the original Viagra is a way better. I’ve experienced that the effect of a substance Sildenafil 100mg is much more productive in Viagra than in other generic drugs. Thanks

Pavlos, U.S.

Hi, my name is Pavlos, i’m 43 years old and I’m experiencing erectile problem almost 3 years. I would say Viagra is the same drug as many others, no need to pay more for the same! I can tell as I’m trying different drugs about 3 years.

Henrik, 31 y.o., U.S.

The night I had was just amazing, I don’t know how is that possible, but I had the action of viagra for almost 35 hours. Highly reccomended for those who want to spend awesome time, so appreciated to this web-site, they deliver pills really fast. THX

Arian, 50 y.o., U.S.

My erectile dysfunction has a very high level, doctors and different therapies don’t help me. The only way to overcome my decease is viagra. Big thanks to this drug, it’s my saving pill.

Jamie, 47 y.o., U.S.

There are many pills made to treat male weak potency, but viagra is the best, i think that’s because sildenafil citrate 100 mg is the strongest active substance, can’t find any other explanation..

Garrett, 29 y.o. U.S.

Yeah, i’ve tried this drug for fun, but the effect is just awesome!! Gonna buy it again here, thanks for fast delivery and confidence! My gfriend happier eben than me! Xxx

Kelsey, 51 y.o. Great Britain

So, after my third time administration the drug (sure not in 1 day), i found out that the effect is not that strong as the fist time, why is that happening? Will the effect become weaker and weaker next times?? Thx

Daniel, 48 y.o. U.S.

I don’t see any difference beween viagra and any other generics.. What’s the reason to pay 10 times more? Generic Suhagra is absolutely same!! Also has all the patents and stuff.

Nick, 34 y.o. U.S.

@Kelsey, that’s all up to the food you had that day. Probably, you had more food, may be you just had fatty food or took more alcohol, there are no reason to blame viagra, the effect is always same, but what’s in your organism is always different. Good luck!

Derek, 58 y.o. U.S.

@Kelsey, as Nick mentioned foods you get and drinks are important. But also you guys forgot about the nitrates. If you drink grapefruit juice- don’t wait for the crazy effect, it will not happen as usual. Read the instruction, stop experiencing your body.