Scalp problems

If you have scalp itches and flakes, should refer to the simple but effective tips. Hair condition, primarily determined by the type of the scalp. Healthy hair always attract attention and give a sign that the owner of the shag has excellent health. When the hair is thinning or become dull, it is worth considering a scalp condition. What symptoms indicate its dryness? Let’s face it.

Unpleasant sensations on the scalp spoil the mood, create a feeling of discomfort. From this you can get rid of. The first necessary to determine the cause.

Manifestations flaking scalp

Scalp Flaking is considered a natural process, and represents a rejection of corneum. It manifests itself by flaking skin flakes that we see on the clothes, combs, and sometimes even looking at myself in the mirror. The scalp itches, we become irritable, causing itching becomes unbearable. And, of course, it causes problems in communication, adds uncertainty and outputs of your comfort zone. In the case of these symptoms is necessary to conduct laboratory diagnosis of the skin fungus.

What is the cause of peeling skin and itching?

The scalp itches and flakes for various reasons. The most common are:

  • Dryness of the scalp that most often causes intense itching. Doctors – trichologists advised to use moisturizing shampoos, balms and masks.
  • Skin fungus. This reason requires complex treatment, preferably prescribed by a doctor.
  • allergic reaction. It often happens that the scalp is itchy and scaly after rinse shift, mask, shampoo. Go back to the washing facilities, which are suitable for your hair and you feel comfortable.
  • Beriberi. Flaking scalp and itches due to a lack of vitamins and minerals, not entering the body due to improper or insufficient diet.
  • Seborrhea. Peel off the skin on the head, there is a strong itch. The disease is chronic, and the reason is the high allocation of fat and change his secret. Treatment of this disease is long and requires a mandatory consultation of the doctor – specialist.
  • Hereditary, genetic features.
  • Exposure to UV and sunlight.

We have examined the most common causes and conditions that may lead to flaking and itching of the scalp. Some of them we can prevent themselves. For example, the lack of vitamins, fatty acids can lead to dry skin of the whole body, including the head. And because they should promptly fill.

Let’s treat scalp

It is necessary to determine the cause, due to which there were symptoms given above. To approach the question of the treatment is serious, otherwise a full recovery is not guaranteed, moreover, the state of health could deteriorate.

It is necessary to adjust the power – it is important in the case of occurrence of any of the symptoms – so start drinking more water, eat fiber, eat fruits, berries and vegetables. It must be remembered that the internal condition of the body is fully reflected in our skin.