Skin on our feet

How to restore the skin on the feet?

How to restore the skin on your feet and eliminate and cure the cracks and calluses on the heels?

If you begin to notice that the skin on the legs coarsened, pay special attention to this symptom, because over time the skin will become even more severe, they can form micro cracks, which eventually turn into deeper cracks that can provoke pain.

The first thing you need to understand why coarsens the skin on the legs, becomes more rigid. Quite simply – for the health and beauty of your skin Vitamin A carries the responsibility, the shortage of which the following symptoms may occur. Accordingly, the first thing you need to think about revising your diet.

Health Diet 

  • You need to enrich the diet of such foods that contain a sufficient amount of vitamin A. It is known to all the liver, carrots, parsley, apricots and broccoli. But this is not all of the products that can help compensate for a deficiency of the vitamin. Think of the plants. Good friends we hawthorn, dandelion – they contain 160% of the daily value of vitamin A, when it comes to per 100 grams of product.
  • Accordingly, adding a little dandelion leaves in a salad, you will not only compensate for a deficiency of an important vitamin, but also feel a new and quite good palatability usual salad. Be careful if you include in your diet dandelions or hawthorn, collect them only in ecologically clean areas, wash well before eating.

Foot massage – the perfect way to restore the skin on the feet and heels

  • Cause hard and rough skin on the heels can be covered, not only in vitamin A deficiency, provoke such a phenomenon capable of poor circulation and metabolism in the body, and other diseases. In this case, to help massage the feet.
  • It is known that the foot has a huge number of reflex points, which are responsible for the life of the organism as a whole and its individual organs. That is why it is recommended every day for half an hour to give time to properly knead and massage the feet. Use stroking and pressing movements, each leg, pay 10-15 minutes.
  • Foot massage improves blood circulation and stimulate the proper metabolism, respectively, vitamin A and other nutrients derived from food are absorbed better and bring more benefits to the body, especially the skin. Also, foot massage activates work of all bodies, stimulates self-healing, so if the cause of dry skin on heels and it appears on the wing cracks in internal diseases, you can get rid of them.
  • To do this, special attention is paid to those areas of massage, with pressure on the experience that pain. The intensity of the impact in this case it is recommended to reduce, but need to continue to massage.
  • Foot massage – this is a good and economical way to eliminate dry skin on the feet, the healing of fractures. For its holding does not require any financial investment, because you can do it yourself. Wanting to relax as much as possible, get a massage from the fun, ask him to make you someone from relatives.
  • In any case, performing regularly foot massage, you will notice an improvement in not only the skin, but also the state of the whole organism. The effect of the treatments will be noticeable after several such sessions.

Footbaths – Useful bliss

  • Very good help to cope with the rough skin on feet foot bath. Today there are many different recipes that are characterized by high efficiency. From them you can choose the one for which the component is available, or are quite inexpensive. So you get the opportunity to save on beauty salons services without compromising the quality of the result.
  • Baths are highly efficient, because when performing these procedures, all the nutrients and beneficial substances absorbed through the skin, as the sponge, especially if it is very dry. Therefore, it remains to find a suitable recipe.
  • The simplest recipe – a bath of sea salt, which are used in conjunction with the scrub of honey and sugar. The first thing you need to pour into a hot water container, dissolve is two tablespoons of sea salt – it is very useful for the skin, has just the same miraculous power. After 15-20 minutes rinse procedures of the foot with warm water, blot them with a towel. Now it is possible to clear the heel of chapped skin with scrub prepared from a mixture of honey and sugar. It is necessary to wipe his feet with this mixture, pressing lightly on the skin. So you will help her cleanse, deep nutrition.
  • In addition, honey has also antibacterial properties that are useful in the presence of cracks on the heels. This scrub is as effective as cleaning heels using pumice, but removes the horny layer of the skin is softer, so it prevents rapid re-education.
  • There are other simple recipes baths for feet, which will help moisten the skin of the feet, to give it a healthy appearance.
  • One of the most effective and cheapest ways – baking soda. In the hot water you need to add a spoonful of this product just to soften rough skin. If instead of soda poured into the foot bath a glass of milk, it will have a good moisturizing effect. There is even a legend that this is the way to care for their feet Cleopatra.
  • Also helping in this situation will have a banana. From it you need to cook gruel, put on your heels, leave for 10 minutes. Thereafter, it can be washed off with warm water. And finally, – olive oil. It can lubricate the skin after taking baths. It has nourishing and moisturizing effect, enriches your skin lots of vitamins and minerals.
  • Remember that the reason for the rough skin on the heels can become quite serious health problems such as fungal diseases, gastritis and many other diseases. In this case, the bath will be useless, you have to seek medical help.