Symptoms of osteochondrosis

At 1 stage osteoarthritis of the patient feels only a nagging pain in the affected spine that occurs during physical exertion on his back. This can be a gravity rise and incorrect sitting in one spot for a long time.

For the 2 stage of development characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Back pain occur more frequently and more severe
  • There are periodic displacement of the vertebrae, increases pain
  • Sometimes it may appear numbness of the hands or feet (depending on level of osteoarthritis).

In stage 3 the clinic more pronounced:

  • Back pain is almost constant character
  • The patient takes a while working and rest position forced to offload back
  • The numbness and aching limbs are almost constant feature, “shooting” pain several times during the day.

Depending on the localization process is characterized by the complaints of the patient:

In the cervical region – headaches, pain in the shoulders and arms, dizziness, flashing “flies” and colored spots before the eyes.

In the thoracic region – a sense of “stake” in the chest, pain in the heart and chest
In the lumbar and sacral – numbness and pain in the buttocks, legs and pelvic area, reducing neurological reflexes, wasting (decrease in volume) muscles

On stage 4:

  1. The pain gradually subsides
  2. Some vertebrae lose their ability to move
  3. limb numbness, headaches, and other symptoms persist, but with less intensity
  4. With the defeat of the entire spinal column or the greater part of the patient loses the ability to move independently, uses a stick, crutches or a wheelchair