Take care of your feet

Caring for your feet correctly

We are in this article will focus on maintaining the beauty and health of the skin feet in winter. You must agree wrapped in warm boots or shoes of our feet deserve no less attention than in the summer heat. Let’s talk, what to do to the legs even in the winter look fresh and appealing. Unfortunately, few women can boast of ideal state of the feet. And in fact they are taking the brunt of our weight, and cheerfully, “carry” us through life.

Just imagine: Statistics usually a woman makes a 6000-8000 steps per day, and for all life can be several times to walk around the entire globe. Anatomy feet includes 26 different connection of bones, 19 muscles and more than a hundred ligaments.

Unfortunately, we often forget that they should be protected, until such time as the legs start to hurt not. Often in winter the skin starts to peel off the feet, there are small diaper rash, cracks between the toes. The cause of these phenomena can be skin diseases, but more often – this is a consequence of wearing winter shoes when tender feet skin reacts to the “overheating”. Another winter problem – sweating. Taking it a rule every day to take care of your feet, you can avoid many problems.

If suddenly someone still believes that the foot cream – optional cosmetic, and for the full care can be successfully used remnants of cream for hands or face, be aware that this is absolutely not true. Think, for example, facial cream smooths wrinkles and reduces inflammation but perhaps there are acne or wrinkles on your heels? In short, unlike other cosmetic products, products for the feet must have a sufficiently wide spectrum of effects: bactericidal, exfoliating action, wound healing action, preventing the smell of sweat, softening, deodorizing foot skin, improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue. It meets all these requirements comprehensive program of care from Green Mama.

The first item in our complex care – cleansing. Wash your feet every day to be with a mild detergent. In winter, exfoliation should be 1 time in 7-10 days – Scrub effectively removes the rough skin on the soles. Scrub “Yarrow and volcanic pumice” bring relief to tired feet soles of the feet, making them healthier and gently cleanse from calloused cells. It has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect, so even after diligent scraping heels you safe from cracks and sores. Scrub soothes and softens the skin of feet. Apply scrub to wet feet, massage for 5 minutes, then rinse with cool water.