The symptoms and treatment of urticaria

Allergies in the modern world is a common pathology. In recent years, a number of developed countries of the world there is an increase incidence of this disease. One of the clinical forms of allergy is a rash, which appears as a characteristic swelling, rashes, blisters on the skin, resembling a sting. Treatment of this form of allergy is to limit the exposure to the allergen on the body and reducing manifestations using antihistamines.


  • What is urticaria, the mechanism of its development
  • Causes of urticaria
  • Symptoms of hives
  • Urticaria – how to treat?
  • What is urticaria, the mechanism of its development

Urticaria is one manifestation of an allergy which is a hypersensitivity reaction of the body, in response to it entering the various foreign substances. Such a reaction is related to the violation of the immune system. In case of such failure, when the initial contact of a foreign substance (allergen) in the body, the immune system on the cells (T helper lymphocytes) appear specific receptors. This process is called sensitization. Repeated contact already sensitized with the allergen in the body, it interacts with the receptors of immune cells that leads to the synthesis of large quantities of biologically active substance – of histamine. Increasing concentrations causes a number of effects in the body:

  • Effect on the skin with the development of specific inflammatory reaction in the form of rashes and local edema;
  • reducing the tone of blood vessels with a decrease in systemic blood pressure;
  • spasm of the small bronchi and bronchioles in the respiratory system with the development of shortness of breath, cough;
  • It causes the development of catarrhal symptoms – runny nose with clear allocation of mucus watery and sore throat.
  • The rate of development of an allergic reaction, its existence depends on the kind and amount that has entered the body of an organism and severity of allergen sensitization. One option is a rash, which is characterized mainly by the appearance of the rash and minor skin swellings in the form of blisters.